Project Description

Planning is required to make provision for continued income and settlement of debts on death and disability.

As independent advisors, we tailor make your cover to best suit your individual needs.

There are various areas of risk to consider when making provision to settle debts or provide continued income.

  • Life Cover- Life cover is a once off payment to provide for your family and settle debts on death.
  • Disability benefits- This is either a once off payment to provide funds to settle debts or replace lost income, or an ongoing income to retirement in the form of income replacement.
  • Severe illness and injury- A once off payment on diagnosis of a serious illness or injury.

Risk Benefits can provide protection against financial loss on death or disability. By structuring the insurance correctly we provide needs based cover at the lowest available costs

Without this cover, your family may have to downgrade the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to and this could include losing their home.

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